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We also provide taxi tours in Attica and mainland Greece.

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How taxi fare is calculated in Greece

In Greece the taxi fares is calculated per kilometer when the taxi car is moving and by the hour when taxi is stationary ( waiting, traffic light or stuck in traffic).

Single and double taxi tarrifs

The are two tariffs for taxi fares in Greece.
Single taxi tariff is applied when the taxi operates in its locality/city ( home ) and is active from 5:00am to midnight.
Double taxi tariff is applied when the taxi operates outside its locality/city ( home ) and is active from midnight to 5:00am. Double tariff is not applied automatically and have to be activated by the taxi diver.

The rates for the single and double tariffs are set by the Ministry of Transport.

The fare for E.D.X.- TAXI cars is determined and collected in accordance with the provisions of No. A 54501/5518/28-01-2014 (B’ 227) n.a. “Determination of fares for Public Passenger Cars – TAXI (E.D.X. – TAXI)“.


Airport to Athens center

*Single tariff (05:00-23:59)
Double tariff (00:00-04:59) – 65€


Airport to Piraeus

*Single tariff (05:00-23:59)
Double tariff (00:00-04:59) – 75€


Airport to Rafina

*Single tariff (05:00-23:59)
Double tariff (00:00-04:59) – 50€

Airport to Lavrio - 65€

Airport to Marina Alimou - 50€

Piraeus to Athens center - 30€

Piraeus to Rafina - 55€

Piraeus to Rafina - 55€

Rafina to Athens center - 50€

Lavrio to Athens center - 70€

Sounio to Athens center - 85€

Marina Zeas to Athens center - 30€

Marina Flisvou to Athens center - 30€

Marina Athinon to Athens center - 30€

Marina Alimou to Athens center - 30€

Marina Agiou Kosma to Athens center - 35€

Marina Glyfadas to Athens center - 35€

Fixed cost for taxi transfers outside Athens

(one way)

Athens - Loutraki - 140€

Athens - Meteora - 450€

Athens - Delphi - 250€

Athens - Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus - 200€

Athens - Nafplio - 220€

Athens - Nafplio - 220€

Athens - Costa Navarino - 350€

Travel advice

If you are traveling from the airport it is a good idea to book a taxi for your transfer from and to the Athens Airport. This way you will avoid waiting in line which are common in all Greek airports.

Booking a taxi ensures that your transport will be safe, especially in the evening hours, and you will get where you need to go without delays and in comfort.

All legal taxis in Athens are yellow and marked Taxi sign.

What our customers say

I have been using this cab service for years. I travel to Greece often on business and Panos is my go for transfer. I can always depend on him to be on time and to know how to get fast to my destination. Highly recommend!

Anne, London


We have booked a taxi tour to Loutraki and what a trip it was. The transfer was perfect as always ( we used this service for our airport pickup and drop off and for any moving around we did in Athens ). But on the way we have made so many great stops. Best places to eat. Best beaches. We ended up using only this taxi service throughout our stay!

Lisa, Madrid


I own a several AirBnB apartments in the center of Athens and whenever my customers ask about transfer I always use this service. I can definitely trust them with my clients. My customers are always happy. Always commenting how helpful and friendly the drivers are. Very professional, clean and dependable.

Andreas, Athens


Taxi tour ideas

Book a taxi excursion to beautiful places outside Attica!

Loutraki - taxi
Loutraki - taxi


Just one hour from Athens , Loutraki has been mainly associated with its warm waters and the spa town. You will visit the famous Heraion, the temple in honor of the goddess Hera, dating back to 800 BC. You will also see the remains of the Roman mansion dating back to around 50 AD. but also the area of the lake of Vouliagmeni.
Walk to the beach where you will taste beautiful seafood dishes in the many taverns.


The sight of the towering dark rocks is awe-inspiring. Nestled in their peaks and caves since the 11th century, are the monasteries of Meteora. Walk in the traditional Kalambaka. The city-gateway to Meteora. The commercial and tourist center of the area: here you will find many hotels, rooms for rent and taverns.

Meteora taxi
Delphi taxi


The most famous oracle of ancient Greece. Admire the wonderful monuments, the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia with the Dome, the strange circular building with a function unknown to archaeologists, the gymnasium, sports training area and educational center, the palaestra, the baths of the classical period near the Roman baths. There are notable hotel units, restaurants, cafe-bars, shops with folk art items.

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

The ancient theater of Epidaurus has been included by UNESCO in the ancient theater of Epidaurus has been included by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage Sites.
During the months of July and August, performances are presented in the theater as part of the Greek Festival.
After your visit to the ancient theater of Epidaurus, you can stop for food in the local taverns or visit the villages of Koliaki or Trachia, which are famous for their local cheeses, bread and homemade pasta.
Epidauros taxi
Epidauros taxi


The famous Bourtzi, Akronafplia, Palamidi.  A beautiful city. Castles and neoclassical buildings, old neighborhoods, pedestrian streets and large squares. Just one hour from Athens.
As one of the most popular destinations in Greece, holidays in Nafplio offer accommodation and entertainment of the highest standard. Modern buildings, but also mansions from previous centuries house the hotels of Nafplio. The boutique hotels are luxurious, with atmospheric suites, while beautiful taverns and restaurants offer traditional and modern Greek cuisine. Dozens of cafes await you in the city center and on the beach.

Costa Navarino

In the southwestern Peloponnese, in one of the most enchanting coastal landscapes of the Mediterranean, is the luxury resort Costa Navarino. Impressive coastlines, secluded coves, sandy beaches, multi-star accommodation, countless facilities and a variety of activities make up Costa Navarino’s paradise on earth.

Costa Navarino taxi
Costa Navarino taxi

Where to go in Athens

Top attractions and taxi tour ideas in Attica


The Acropolis of Athens, the “holy rock”, is the most important archaeological site in Greece and is located on a hill in the center of present-day Athens. On the Acropolis there are three ancient temples, the Parthenon, the Erechtheion and the temple of Apterus Niki. There is also the monumental entrance, Propylaia.


The Parthenon

The temple that the Athenians dedicated to the patroness of their city, Athena is the most brilliant creation of the Athenian democracy. Directly opposite the Parthenon is the Erechtheion. It is the temple whose 6 columns are in the form of young girls, the Caryatids.
Acropolis Museum taxi
Acropolis Museum taxi

The Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum, one of the most important in the world, hosts finds coming exclusively from the Athenian Acropolis and its slopes. A modern and excellent museum which highlights the treasures of Greek culture in the best way. On the second floor of the Museum there is a restaurant with a terrace of 700 sq.m. and panoramic views of the Acropolis and the other historic hills of Athens.

The famous Odeon of Herodes

The famous Odeon of Herodes Atticus was the last monumental building to be built. The monument was restored in the 1950s and since then it hosts cultural events, mainly in the context of the Athens Festival. The Herodeum, as it is commonly called, is one of the most impressive monuments of Athens and one of the oldest operating theaters in the one of the world

taxi Athens Odeon of Herodes
taxi Athens Odeon of Herodes
Plaka Athens taxi

Walking tours

Walking in the center of Athens is one of the greatest pleasures in the city, not only for visitors but also for locals.

Take a walk on the Dionysiou Areopagitou pedestrian street, in Thisio and in Plaka.
In Monastiraki, which is known for its open-air market on Hefaistou Street, you can spend  hours shopping.Take a walk in the gardens, then in Zappeion and end your walk in the first modern Olympic Stadium, the well-known Panathenaic Stadium.

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